Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor

.NET Core Developer; Podcaster; Writer


I have been working in .NET development since 2008; have been writing about development since 2010; and and been podcasting since 2016

Full Stack

I have experience working in both .NET on the server and JS/.NET on the client - in both web and desktop environments

Security Focussed

I have experience building secure applications using guidelines set by DevSecOps and OWASP standards, and have also been on security advisory teams

Podcasting Experience

I host, edit, and produce three podcasts on a regular basis: The .NET Core Podcast, The Waffling Taylors Podcast, and Ask a Brit

Open Source Development

I have released several successful open source projects, and has contributed to many others

Continual Learner

I am always striving to be better at my craft, and an striving to be a multipotentialite - I am teaching myself programming languages, and learning new skillsets (e.g. audio editing) all the time

Teaching and Public Speaking Experience

I have given talks at local meetups and at conferences, and taught at both junior-high and high school levels

Jamie's Projects

A small selection of the personal projects that I am most proud of. Each of them, when clicked, will take you to more information about them.

Most Recent Posts on dev.to

My most recent blog posts, hosted over on dev.to.


What people have said about me and my work.

Jamie always brightened up my day - you need Jamie in your office or on your project. We worked in different teams but he is a quick learner for skills that were not his main job and to reverse that he is very good at helping others understand something thatis new to them. Perfect at interdepartmental working.

Emma Barnes

Senior Analytics Specialist at Edit

Having worked with Jamie on several projects, I know him to be hardworking, very knowledgeable and an asset to any team.

Paul Seal

Umbraco Developer and Umbraco MVP at Moriyama

It was a pleasure to work with Jamie. He got straight to the root of any problem he was faced with, and fixed it so that it didn't happen again, applying due dilligence throughout the process.

Phil Broadhead

Web developer at Extreme